Threats To Cyclists from Motorists on Twitter

“If one of your number cycels (sic) past me in an irresponsible manner I will now instead nudge him or her into a hedge or wall so they can have time to reflect on.. Road tax, the highway code and the values of fossil fuel”


“If you’re on a push bike at night with no light & wearing dark clothes, then I will run you over & I won’t feel guilty.”

The above two tweets are actual tweets from drivers. I see them as threats to maim and kill people. A judge may do also. So whenever I see a tweet of this nature I take a screenshot of the tweet (I click on expand first so that the time and date of the tweet can be seen), and I set up a Google alert with the name of the person who posted the tweet. If there is ever a newspaper article or other mention on the internet concering that person, I will be able to read it, and if the person in question has been involved in a serious accident I will be able to provide evidence that the person, at best, had previously displayed scant regard to the safety of other road users, and at worst, had intent to kill. After setting up the alert, I inform the tweeter of what I have done and advise them to drive carefully.

The people tweeting these comments may or may not be serious – who knows? Whatever the case, it is clear that they don’t take cyclists seriously and they don’t view them as road users with the same rights that motorists have. Let’s hope that their words don’t come back to haunt them.