New Tyres: On-One Smorgasbord 29″x2.25″

So … as I was sliding all over the place on my not very knobbly and fairly worn Rapid Robs, and as we are already half way through a very wet and muddy winter (yes, the older you get the faster time flies), I thought I should pull my finger out and get some new tyres that might be able to cope a little better with the local terrain (the Wyre Forest). Being on a very tight budget recently, I scoured the internet for some cheapish but hopefully quality 29″ tyres that would fit the bill. I liked the look of the On-One Smorgasbord 29″ x 2.25″ which were “created with UK and Pacific Northwest riding in mind (and offer) performance in a wide range of conditions world wide”. OK, they’re not just for mud, but hopefully a hell of a lot better than what I had, and anyway, since mountain biking is not my primary cycling preference I’m really not into swapping tyres every time the weather changes, I decided to give them a shot. At £12.50 each (reduced from £30.00) they were well worth a punt.

smorgasbord tyre

smorgasbord tyre just mounted on front wheel

Anyway the tyres arrived very promptly between Christmas and New Year (I think I ordered about 2 days before Christmas Day), and the next day I took off the old ones and stuck these on (a very easy job with big chunky 29″ tyres).

How did they stand up to the swamp-like conditions of the forest? Well, certainly a lot better than what I was using before. The tread pattern sliced nicely through inches of gunk, and gripped better, meaning that pedalling actually drove the bike forward rather than just making the back wheel spin round while I stay in pretty much the same spot (until I fall over). Was I totally blown away? No, but then I didn’t really expect to be. On-one don’t market this as a mud-only tyre. It’s sold as a tyre which will get you through most conditions, but if you want something designed purely for the grimmest and grimiest terrain you’ll need to get yourself something more specialised.

Overall I would definitely give this tyre the thumbs up. Even at the full 30 quid it wouldn’t have been a bad buy, so for 12.50 you can’t go wrong. Get ‘em while they’re hot, say I.

Smorgasbord tyres just deflowered. Ignore the bell-end next to the bike.

(No, I haven’t been paid or given any freebies to write this review. However if there is anyone out there who would like to give me free stuff in return for me writing about it, I am prepared to sell my opinion, credibility and soul at a very economical price).