Hills: Up or Down?

Photo: Watty Rugby

I realised yesterday, while climbing Clee Hill, just how much I love hills. Not freewheeling down them at speed, so much. More the steady climb to the top… and the longer the hill the better; and up to a point, the steeper the better. To me there is nothing more enjoyable than the satisfaction you get from the slow burn all the way to the top. Climbing requires fitness; it builds fitness. It’s true that fast descents require skill, but to me they are fraught with inconveniences and dangers – uneven road surfaces and pot holes make for a more menacing and uncomfortable ride, a car over-eagerly waiting to overtake and hanging off your back wheel can be a real annoyance, and gusts of wind at 40mph can be much more disconcerting.

I know so many cyclists who avoid hills like the plague. But for me, climbing hills is one of the best parts of my ride.